The ICOHTEC symposium will use Zoom to participate in live meetings. On the internet you find a lot of informations how to use Zoom, how to share your screen when you are presenting with Powerpoint or video. Below you find some links from the official Zoom support.

Joining a meeting

We will place the links of the Zoom meetings in a password proteced part of the website. You will receive an inlog code by mail. If you use a virtual background in a Zoom meeting it will take a lot of data, so be ware of that. Your audio and video will be off when you are admitted by the host of an ICOHTEC session.

Sharing your screen in a meeting

There are a lot of tips and tricks to make your presentation attractive on the internet. Make agreements with your chair of your session how long the presentation may last and how much time is available for questions and answers.

In ICOHTEC every panelist can share his/her own screen when they want to present their part in the session. You can login 20 minutes before the session begins to check everything. The chair and host will discuss with you when to share your screen then.

Make sure that when you share your screen for a video or pre-recorded PowerPoint, you push the two buttons below the ‘screen-sharing’ screen to optimize sound.


Screen sharing a PowerPoint presentation

Here you can find how to share your PowerPoint in a session.