The research programs Bicycle Challenges: Past, Present, and Future of Sustainable Urban Mobility and Smart Cycling Futures are pleased to invite you to participate in the Cycling Research Board Annual Meeting 2020, combined this year with the Smart Cycling Futures final meeting. The event will be held online from monday 26 until wednesday 28 October 2020. The conference is organized by the History of Technology Foundation in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology. The program (partly in Dutch and partly in English) is built around the theme

“The Future, Past, Present, and Scale of Cycling”

Lucas Harms (Dutch Cycling Embassy) will give his keynote lecture The Transnational Circulation of Knowledge on Cycling and the Dutch Cycling Embassy on Monday 26 October. A day later the keynote lecture Does Cycling Drive Society? The Present, Past and Future of Cycling by Ruth Oldenziel (Eindhoven University of Technology) on the program. Kees Miedema (Program Manager Chain Mobility for NS Stations) and Jan Ploeger (former Program Manager Mobility, Province of South Holland) will discuss the role of the bicycle in chain mobility around Hubs during an interview. The program also offers a series of parallel sessions and sessions that provide insight into a number of Living Lab projects that have been carried out in recent years.

The conference is made possible by NWO, Cycling Research Board, Eindhoven University of Technology, Smart Cycling Futures, CROW, Tour de Force, Rijkswaterstaat, Pon, Move. For more information on the Cycling Research Board, please visit http://cyclingresearchboard.com

We look forward to welcoming you to our online event!


Local Organising Committee: Dr. Frank Schipper, Angelique Brons, Matthew Bruno, Henk-Jan Dekker, Dr. Jan Korsten, George Liu, Brett Petzer, Hugo van der Steenhoven, Qi Sun

Program Committee: Professor Ruth Oldenziel, Professor Marco te Brömmelstroet, Jan Ploeger, Dr. Frank Schipper 

Cycling Research Board Steering Committee: Rebecca Brandt, Matthew Bruno, Meredith Glaser, Dr. Anders Fjendbo Jensen, Professor Kevin J. Krizek, George Liu, Samuel Nello-Deakin, Cat Silva, Dr. Justin Spinney