Deep Transitions in the Netherlands is supported by seed funding from the UU/TUe/WUR Strategic Alliance

Deep Transitions in the Netherlands Project

As is becoming increasingly apparent, the world faces multiple, substantial challenges. Human life is threatened by climate change, economic growth is reaching its limits due to resource depletion, and growing social inequalities in and between countries and regions are a growing cause for tension and conflict. In order to develop a sustainable and inclusive society, a comprehensive transformation or deep transition of society is crucial. Mass consumption, mechanization, fossil fuel usage and presumed unlimited resources have generated a high level of welfare and wellbeing, however these classic principles, derived from two centuries of industrialization, have interfered with developments towards a sustainable society which would feature a more equal distribution of means and resources. Researchers from Utrecht, Eindhoven and Wageningen Universities are analyzing the sociotechnical development of the Netherlands from a long-term perspective and simultaneously developing system transformation investments strategies for policy makers, industries and investors. This is the Deep Transitions in the Netherlands Project.

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Seminar Series

To prepare for the Deep Transitions in The Netherlands research we are organizing a series of six online seminars, 90 minutes in length, each on a specific element of the program. The seminars are designed to allow for discussion, feedback and the exchange of ideas. The primary goal is the exploration of the conceptual challenges, inventorizing research questions and methods, sources and assessing feasibility. The seminars will also assess involvement in project execution. A concluding, one-day conference in spring 2022 will provide the opportunity for discussion of preliminary results and the research program will be presented and launched.

The seminar series will be conducted in English, beginning on October 8th 2021 with an introduction on the conceptual points of departure and a discussion on the project in general. Successive seminars will address specific parts of the research program. Seminar participants will receive information on the content, seminar format and information on the specific challenges to be discussed.

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