Quantitatively Researching Meta-rules and Systems

Friday 10 December 2021, 13:00 – 14:30

Gaston Heimeriks and Johan Schot (Utrecht University)


Industrial societies are constituted by a broad range of socio-technical systems fulfilling functions such as the provision of energy, food, mobility, housing, healthcare, finance and communications. The Deep Transitions (DT) framework outlines a series of propositions on how the 250-year multi-system co-evolution has contributed to several current social and ecological crises. Drawing on evolutionary theories, the DT framework places a special emphasis on the concepts of ‘rules’ and ‘meta-rules’ as coordination mechanisms within and across socio-technical systems, respectively. In this workshop, we aim to discuss possible mixed-method approaches and data sources to provide an empirical assessment of the propositions of the DT framework.

To register for the seminar please contact Louisa King via L.King@uu.nl.