• Seminar participants who finalized the registration process are entitled to join all seminars on the program, except when it concerns a meeting marked with ‘invitation only’.
  • The secretariat of the Foundation for the History of Technology (SHT) (SHT@tue.nl) is the main contact for participants. Questions, complaints, and other issues should be directed to the SHT Secretariat.

Personal data

  • SHT and the meeting organizers are committed to protecting the privacy of any personal data you provide during your registration. The following statements describe what we do with your data and how long we store it, so that you are fully informed.
  • We ask for your personal data to be able to process your registration for the Deep Transitions Seminar Series. This information will be used for communications and updates about the seminars, the Deep Transitions Project, providing access to the meeting platform and the Zoom meeting rooms, and for reporting and accounting purposes.
  • Your name and affiliation will be listed in the participants list.
  • Your personal data will not be shared with any party that is not involved in the meeting.
  • Personal data are kept in the meeting and SHT archives for as long as it is required by statutory regulations. After that, data will only be saved in the SHT mailing database.

Virtual meeting

  • The virtual Zoom rooms can be accessed via shtwebinars.nl.
  • The workshops will be streamed live via Zoom.
  • The workshops will be recorded. The recordings will be not be published, and will only be used by the project coordinators of the Deep Transition Project.
  • The meeting organizers are not responsible for the capacity, speed, and stability of the internet connections of the participants. Alternative options to join the meeting by phone will be available.